Culinary Arts Training

Do you have a passion for cooking and want to become a chef?

As a student enrolled in Culinary Arts training offered at Lincoln Culinary Institute in Connecticut, Florida and Maryland, you will prepare for an appetizing and exciting future working in the food service industry*.

But this isn't your ordinary culinary school...

At Lincoln's culinary schools, students take center stage in the kitchen learning classic cooking and prep techniques to turn food into delectable masterpieces and awe-inspiring showpieces. Culinary Arts training takes a worldly approach, sharing a diverse food culture from various countries and parts of the world considered culinary meccas. Have a sweet tooth? The International Baking and Pastry program lets you bake indulgent desserts, artisan breads and petifores, in addition to learning artistic techniques when working with sugar and chocolate. Plus, students have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to head to Italy and study Italian Culinary Arts!

Ready to start a new chapter in your career? Lincoln Culinary Institute has the perfect ingredients to become a trained chef!

*Program offerings vary by campus location and are subject to change.
Lincoln Culinary Institute in Connecticut is a division of Lincoln Technical Institute; in Florida and Maryland it is a division of Lincoln College of Technology.

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